New Feature: Inspection Summary Reports
New Feature: Inspection Summary Reports
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New Feature: Inspection Summary Reports
Download and share inspection summary reports or individual inspection reports with your team to get everyone on the same page and align goals.
October 29, 2020

Today we're announcing a huge update to our analytics offering that will give you deep insight into your inspections to improve your organization's overall safety and quality.

Up until recently, multiple industries have been capturing inspection data using paper and other manual methods. For companies that digitized their inspections, much of the reports were inadequate and did not provide context for inspections performed over time.

That is until this release, which represents the advancement of WorkClouts analytical focus in 3 essential areas:

  1. Visualizing, exporting, and sharing a summary of inspection responses over a given range of time.
  2. Viewing and exporting individual inspection reports.
  3. Displaying high-level reports for on-demand and recurring inspections.

1 - Introducing Summary Inspections

When it comes to improving overall safety and quality, using inspections to your advantage, getting a summary of the responses can be the key factor of future success.

We know that WorkClout has the most customizable and easy-to-use form builder in the market. For our customers, capturing data on inspections is easy. With our customers enjoying the custom form builder and inspections, we knew that it would be important to provide that information back in an easy-to-digest format.

So, while still keeping the general format of our features, we've introduced a new summary tab that provides you with the essential responses data of an inspection that you need to help make better decisions to improve safety and quality.

Response summaries drive better decision making.

  • Observe the most common failed responses over a given date range and dig in deeper to see what other activities might have caused it.
  • Determine whether a particular response was an anomaly or trend happening over a more extended range of time.
  • Export and share your reports with your team members or your managers to drive more productive conversations based on data.

2 - Individual Inspection Reports 

Now you can do more after completing an inspection by exporting and sharing a report with team members. This report details all the inspection form field data and action items created so that the reader can easily digest the contents and understand the results.

At WorkClout, we understand that having thorough and accurate inspections is fundamental to an operation's goal of maintaining high safety and quality levels.

3 - High-Level Metrics for On-Demand and Recurring Inspections

Days can get busy, and sometimes all you need is to get a quick pulse on how your inspections are performing overall. 

With our latest update, you can glance at the On-Demand or Recurring inspection page to get an overview of:

  • Total Open and Closed Inspections
  • Inspections Past Due
  • Average Time Tracked
  • Total Actions Created
  • Total Failed Responses

In Review

It's needless to say; our team will continue to pursue the best reporting and analytical experience for our customers - we'll be releasing even more powerful reporting features in the months ahead so that you can continue to explore your data more deeply and customize it to what you need.

Some other updates

Easily to edit field descriptions and options

You can easily edit form field descriptions directly on the form builder by hovering and clicking on the description field or option. More updates to come soon to make form building a better experience!

Access help and chat with us on mobile!

We've updated our mobile app to make it easy for you to access the help center or chat with us! Now you'll have access to our customer success team anywhere you go!

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