New Feature: New Custom Form Builder
New Feature: New Custom Form Builder
Product Updates
New Feature: New Custom Form Builder
Our team is excited to announce our new Custom Form Builder that brings new features and improved versatility.
September 1, 2020

Now you can build custom forms for inspections even quicker and more customized than ever before. Our latest release of WorkClout not only makes building forms easier, it also brings a new world of customization and flexibility that you can apply to your inspections.

Custom Forms

Our team has been listening to customers over the past few months, learning about their use cases and needs. The result of that feedback is our new Custom Form Builder, which was built with more versatility and customization options so that our customers can continue to perform inspections at the highest level.

Create your forms in a two-column grid and present inspection information, input fields, and data in new ways. Using both the vertical and horizontal screen real-estate, you can view information side-by-side to make meaningful content easier to consume.

Drag and drop to rearrange field order, height, and width and create the perfect inspection form. We've increased the form builder's usability by 10x by giving you a visual of what the custom form will look like as you're building it!

Add a little color to your selection fields for improved context when performing inspections. Your workers can now get a secondary indication of their selection by highlighting selected items with color on selection and multi-selection fields.

Easily add template responses to your selection fields and build your custom forms quicker than ever before. We've preloaded our customer's top responses as templates that you can easily choose from and modify in any way you'd like!

Some other changes 

Inspections - We've renamed "Tasks" to "Inspections" based on customer feedback to make it easier to identify functionality!

On-Demand and Recurring Inspection Forms 

  • We've patched a bug to ensure that our inspections use the latest form versions every time they are updated and approved. 
  • You can now edit On-Demand and Recurring Inspection forms after creating it! Updated forms will apply to any new occurrences of the inspection.

Android and iOS App - You can now use the WorkClout application in landscape mode; this change helps you view the two-column forms in full-view on smaller devices.

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