New Feature: Organize Inspections using Sections
New Feature: Organize Inspections using Sections
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New Feature: Organize Inspections using Sections
Segment your inspection forms using Sections. Easily jump between sections to complete inspections.
January 28, 2021

Use Sections to organize your form fields on an inspection.

Now you can use Sections on your form templates to quickly organize inspections into multiple identifiable parts. To add a Section, click anywhere on the form builder and select "Section" as a field.

Navigate between Sections with a click of a button.

Whether you're performing an inspection on our web app or mobile app, you can quickly navigate between each Sections by clicking on the Section titles and selecting the Section that you'd like to jump to.

Quick Tip! Duplicate sections to build inspection forms faster.

If parts of your inspection form have a repeating set of form fields, add the fields into a Section and hit the duplicate button! When you duplicate a Section, a copy of the Section and all the form fields inside are created.

We hope that with Sections, performing inspections to improve quality and safety becomes more effortless for our customers! We are always listening to customers and working on new features to make it easier for you to deliver excellence.

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