New Features: Enable Approval Flows & Reference Form Fields For Calculations
New Features: Enable Approval Flows & Reference Form Fields For Calculations
Product Updates
New Features: Enable Approval Flows & Reference Form Fields For Calculations
Form approval flow, Reference fields for calculations, and more in our latest update.
June 21, 2021

In this update, we've added several new features to help further automate your quality process. This update allows the ability to enable a custom approval flow process for form templates, reference form fields on a form template within a custom table to perform calculations, and enable third-party scanning on our mobile app.

Form Template Approval Flows

Now you can enable custom approval flows for form templates on WorkClout. Approval flows can be configured with multiple steps, with each step containing more than one person or team. Anytime a new form template is created or edited, the approval flow is triggered and must be approved through all the people in each step before it can be made available for use. If a form template is denied at any point, the update will revert, and review notes are passed along to the editor. In addition, as a form owner, you now can override the approval flow process and automatically approve or deny new form changes. To check the status of existing forms, open the version panel and click to see more information on the form version review process.

Reference Form Fields on Custom Tables

Now you can reference form fields and automatically populate data into custom table cells. This feature is available for the fields listed below. You can even reference data to perform unique calculations using numbers. To reference a form field, type "=@" and select the field name from the dropdown.

Note: the "=" is critical to include as part of the function to reference the form field properly.

Enable Third-Party Scanning on Mobile

Now you can enable third-party scanning for all your mobile devices. Follow the steps below to enable this feature:

  1. Login to the WorkClout app as an Admin user
  2. Click on the Menu button
  3. Toggle "Enable Third Party Scanning"
  4. Click on the quick action button ( + )
  5. Click on "Scan QR Code"

Note: Once you enable this feature, it will automatically apply to all devices for your organization.

Other Updates

Duplicate Form Template w/ Admin Keys

When you duplicate a form template, the admin keys will also be duplicated along with the form fields—making it easier to reference and configure form templates.

Freeze Custom Table Cells

When you are building your form templates, you now have the option of freezing cells to disable editing when filling out inspections. To freeze a cell from edits, right-click on the table cell you'd like to freeze after making your changes and then select "freeze". Freezing a cell is only available when building a form template and is unavailable to anyone completing an inspection on WorkClout.

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