New Feature: Streamline your CAPA processes using Tasks
New Feature: Streamline your CAPA processes using Tasks
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New Feature: Streamline your CAPA processes using Tasks
Know exactly what's going on and when at your company. Track, measure, and learn from your continuous improvement initiatives.
May 14, 2020

Now you can push the boundaries of continuous improvement even more using Tasks. With Tasks, you can implement, track, measure, and learn from all your continuous improvement initiatives. We’ve built Tasks into all aspects of WorkClout to give you the flexibility you need to reach your goals.

Below are just some of the things you can achieve using Tasks on WorkClout.

Track all tasks and collaborate within a Task page

On this page, you can work on your task and collaborate with teams to get updates and discuss improvements.

You can also create and complete your Tasks on the go

With the release of tasks, you can also create, assign, monitor, and complete tasks from any mobile iOS or Android device. This makes it incredibly easy for you to connect your desk-less workforce onto a single continuous improvement platform.

Create Recurring and On-Demand Tasks to automate corrective action

Now you can create recurring Tasks with custom frequency send dates and times so that you can put all your important maintenance and preventive actions on autopilot

View your own assigned Tasks from your homepage

All tasks that are assigned to you can be found on your homepage, making it easy to see what are the most important actions you need to take.

Get a birds-eye view of your company activity using the Task Board

Bring a new level of versatility to your workflow. As a continuous improvement manager, you can visualize your organizations activity through tasks. Jump between specific tasks and collaborate with assignees to improve process and much more.

Review your Tasks

Review your employees tasks and leave detailed review notes for them to use and improve over time. Ensure that tasks are being completed correctly and promote a continuous feedback loop.

Learn more about our Tasks feature in our company Help Center

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