Support for Covid-19
Support for Covid-19
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Support for Covid-19
Learn how we can help you accelerate your emergency response times to minimize the impact of Covid-19 using performance support.
April 1, 2020

The spread of COVID-19 has impacted the world in unprecedented ways and continues to do so for the foreseeable future. 55% of manufacturing companies anticipate layoffs and hiring freezes in the near future. Its effect on businesses evokes uncertainty and no less does this apply to the desk-less workforce. In times like this, it's important to stay involved and updated to ensure that your business can react accordingly as more develops. You want to be ready to take action and respond to emergencies across your organization by establishing preventive measures and educating employees on proper practices and procedures to keep your operational efficiency in control.

It's likely that your workforce will be affected by COVID-19, and because of this, you should prepare for your operations accordingly. First, there should be a change in mindset, which is to operate under the assumption that the virus has already made its way into the workforce. To take on this mindset, you can have workers start using PPE, clean their workspace regularly after shifts, avoid gatherings, and check temperatures as much as possible among other things. WorkClout offers a great way of implementing these preventive measures while still allowing your employees the ability to collaborate with one another in a digital form. In summary, containing Covid-19 and preventing the continual impact should be the most important thing for your company right now.

Learn how to get ready for Covid-19 using WorkClout

As a manufacturer, you should be committed to taking action every step of the way. NAM (National Association of Manufacturers) Board Chair and Chairman and CEO of Trane Technologies plc Mike Lamach has stated, “Manufacturers have a greater purpose than profits. We are also about protecting our people and our communities.”

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To aid in this mission, WorkClout will be discounting our Performance Support Software to make it more accessible during this time and offering it at cost. Just mention this article to a product expert during the demo or via email.

We'll also be extending this benefit further by offering free licenses to qualifying non-profit organizations as well.

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