Top 10 Construction Safety Checklists In 2021 That You Can Use For Free
Top 10 Construction Safety Checklists In 2021 That You Can Use For Free
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Top 10 Construction Safety Checklists In 2021 That You Can Use For Free
Working in construction carries inherent safety risks not found in many other industries.
March 4, 2021

Working in construction carries inherent safety risks not found in many other industries. With the amount of heavy machinery, suspended objects, and dangerous tools, there are many ways injuries can occur on construction sites. Keeping track of the safety measures on any given site is not only good for avoiding liability and passing safety inspections, it’s also vital for assuring your employees work in a safe environment. 

The following is a listing of 10 construction safety checklists you can download and use for free, which will help you figure out which measures are essential for the safety of your own construction projects.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Checklist -

A big part of maintaining safety on construction sites is making sure the construction workers are personally protected against potential hazards.  Considerations like the necessary hardness of hard hats to protect against falling objects is an example of the items normally found on these lists.  Every contractor who employs other workers for construction should consider their approach to PPE.

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Jobsite Hazard Checklist  -

This checklist is another that should be at the top of every construction manager’s list. Where PPE considers personal protections, measuring jobsite hazards is as it sounds, a listing of all the potential dangers in the environment that both employers and workers would be aware of.

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Electrical Checklist  -

Electrical hazards are one of OSHA’s four major concerns, which is why it deserves its own checklist outside the one for jobsite hazards.  These may include exposed wires, outlets, and any electrical tools that could pose potential risk.

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Housekeeping Checklist -

It has always been good practice to support protocols that minimize the spread of germs; now, housekeeping has become an imperative.  This checklist will help verify your staff is informed of the cleanest ways work in a group in a well-kept environment.

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Fall Protection Checklist -

Falling has always been among the highest risks for construction sites. Construction workers who operate in high up places need this checklist to make sure they’re operating safely. 

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Scaffolding Checklist -

This can be considered a more specific version of the fall protection checklist provided above, except it is about the actual scaffolding equipment the worker uses.  It may also include considerations for how each occupant behaves on the scaffolding to ensure safety.

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Ladder Safety Checklist -

Another extension of the fall protection checklist, this one is specific to ladders, one of the more common sources of accidents at construction sites. This checklist will assure your ladders are safe, and that each of its users are following the best practices to avoid incidents.

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First Aid/CPR/AED -

The “AED” in this checklist is short for ‘automated external defibrillator’, which will most likely be included in any OSHA construction safety specifications. But every job has to have First Aid/CPR training, which is also included in this construction safety checklist.

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Power Tool Safety Checklist -

Hand and power tools can be an afterthought for construction workers who have been using these tools at work and home for years. This mentality can lead to carelessness, which leads to injury.  This checklist template is to avoid this problem, and to make sure your power tool protocols are up to code.

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Welding and Hot Work Inspection Checklist -

This is a template for welders and workers who work with hot metal and its associated tools.  There are many inherent dangers when working with hot metal, and this checklist is to help site managers cover them all.

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