WorkClout named Best Manufacturing Software 2021 by
WorkClout named Best Manufacturing Software 2021 by
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WorkClout named Best Manufacturing Software 2021 by, a leading independent review website for online business tools, products, and services, has announced the best manufacturing software of 2021.
January 19, 2021, a leading independent review website for online business tools, products, and services, has announced the best manufacturing software of 2021. conducts its internal research every year to determine the best tools for businesses in each category; this year they announced their top software for manufacturers. 

We're excited that WorkClout is recognized as The Best Manufacturing Software of 2021 by 

WorkClout's mission is to help industrial workforces do their absolute best work so they can deliver the highest quality products & services to their customers. 

WorkClout is for those who take pride in their work, Go Deliver Excellence. 

WorkClout is a software tool and mobile application that streamlines and automates quality and safety processes for manufacturers and industrial companies. The main goal is to add a validation layer to procedures to mistake-proof day-to-day operations and help gather data to continually improve. 


There are hundreds of manufacturing software solutions available, but boiled it down to over a dozen providers covering most scenarios. While reviewing the best software providers for manufacturing, in particular, they assessed each one as an overall package — including cost efficiency, support, and competitiveness — and focused on the following three industry-specific elements:


Having the right tools is a must for manufacturing businesses of any size. Intelligent features help make better use of the data collected at every conceivable stage of the production process, which leads to greater efficiency and more hands-off automation. 


Manufacturing software needs data to inform its calculations, predictions, and other functions, and it performs best when integrated with as many sources as possible. Common integrations include access to the email system for online ordering, customer relationship management (CRM), HR and workforce management systems.


The reporting capability of manufacturing software varies greatly. The majority of systems can also be integrated with third-party reporting solutions.


WorkClout is fairly unique when compared to the rest of the list. It’s a manufacturing software package that leans heavily toward quality & safety management — including notifications, monitoring, and reports on incidents, inspections, process failures, and more. These scenarios can be defined as needed and set to trigger the software or the appropriate employees' actions.
This software is also more involved in managing employees and teams compared to many other manufacturing solutions. It’s designed in a way that makes it easy to pick up and use by just about anyone, which is one of the positive aspects of dealing with a newer company in this category of software. All important dashboards and displays can be monitored via a mobile device.
Pros WorkClout Manufacturing Software
WorkClout is intended to be used throughout a business — not reserved for those with technical knowledge and experience with similar systems — and the intuitive UI helps accomplish this. The software includes API access for custom integrations.

Everyone on the WorkClout team is grateful for the award and recognition.  We strive to offer the best customer support and product so our customers can serve their customers to the best of their ability. A manufacturer's job is never done, and neither is ours. 

Thank you! 

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