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Statistical Process Control (SPC)

The Statistical Process Control (SPC) chart provides your organization with clear and concise answers to some of the most sought-after questions about performance and improvement for your operations. Analyzing an SPC chart not only tells you if your organization is meeting its goals and targets, but it also helps identify if the metric is improving, getting worse, or fluctuating in a normalized cadence. By applying three simple rules when analyzing SPC charts, you can distinguish between when to step back and analyze and react to a change.

The SPC chart gives you a clear indication when a metric has changed within your operations for better or worse. SPC charts will not tell you why things have changed but will show you the underlying signals needed to hone your investigation. These signals allow you to focus your effort, saving you and your team countless hours overtime. Learning when and when not to react will enable you to build a systematic process improvement culture.

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